Опубликовано: 04.01.2015

Calculator creatures will automate the process of counting characteristics.

The only thing that no makes a calculator - does not provide special equipment to your creations - shields, armor, etc.

Do not forget the rules, in short. :).

So, what do we have here?

Creature name (if needed)

Description (if needed))


Beasts Natural animals.
Folks Sentient and speaking races.
Animates Artifically animated creatures.
Monsters Fabulous beasts, mythic beings etc
Spirits Ghosts, otherworldly entities etc.


Tiny Rat, small dogs.
Small Dogs, big birds.
Medium (man-sized) People.
Large Bull, elephant.
Gigantic Dragons, titans.


Peaceful (0) A convinced pacifist.
Aggressive (+1) Most of the ordinary inhabitants of the world.
Dangerous (+2) Extremely warlike.
Deadly (+3) This demon of war!


Average (0) A common inhabitant of the world.
Alert (+1) Alert.
Clever (+2) Clever.
Crafty (+3) Crafty.


Normal (0) A common inhabitant of the world.
Weird (+1) Weird.
Eldritch (+2) Eldritch.
Unearthly (+3) Unearthly.