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A preliminary calculation

  • Taxonomy:
  • Size:
  • Ferocity:
  • Cunning:
  • Mystique:
  • Initiative: 10
  • Missile: 0
  • Damage:
  • Movement: футов
  • Defense Class: 12
  • Hits Total: 0
  • Detection: 0
  • Evasion: 0
  • Mystic Fortitude: 0
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    Special Abilities

    Special Abilities Yes No Description
    Aquatic The creature can swim with no reduction of its Movement allowance.
    Winged The creature can fly. When using full movement, a flying creature’s movement rate is quadrupled, it cannot be hit by Melee attacks and all Missile attacks against it are made with a penalty of -2. This ability also adds +2 to the creature’s Evasion.
    Breath Weapon The creature can breathe fire or acid. This counts as one regular attack and does the same damage as the creature’s other attacks. This takes effect during the missile phase, according to the creature’s Initiative score and has a maximum range equal to 1/3 of the creature’s basic Movement allowance.
    Camouflage This special ability allows the creature to «blend in» like a chameleon in its immediate surroundings. All creatures with this ability also have the Stealthy ability. When hiding in their natural terrain, creatures with this special ability add 4 to the target number of their opponent’s detection rolls.
    Stealthy Creatures with this ability excel at sneaking and hiding. Such actions do not require a die roll but be countered by detection rolls against a target number of 12 + (Cunning x 2), modified by its Size (Tiny +4, Small +2, Large -2, Gigantic -4) and its other abilities (Insubstantial +4, Uncanny Agility +2).
    Charge Into Battle The creature may use the Charge into Battle special maneuver (see the combat rules in the Players Manual) with an Initiative and Melee Attack bonus equal to +1 for Small creatures, +2 for Medium ones, +4 for Large ones and +6 for Gigantic ones.
    Grapple The creature can make wrestling attacks. These attacks use the creature’s standard Melee modifier and are resolved using the standard wrestling rules. Grappling attacks always take place at the end of the melee phase, as per the usual wrestling rules.
    Crushing Damage This ability can only be used by creatures that can Grapple (see below). It may represent a bear-like hug or some other form of physical constriction. Once the victim has been grappled by the creature, he will automatically take the creature’s usual damage (ie 1d6 if Medium-sized, 2d6 if Large etc) at the end of each round during which he remains immobilized, unless he manages to break free, as per the usual wrestling rules. This ability cannot be used against creatures with a greater Size category.
    Crushing Missiles Only Gigantic creatures may have this special ability. The creature may throw huge boulders, uprooted trees etc at its opponents. In game terms, this special attack form cannot be used with any other attack form during this round ; it requires no attack roll but may be avoided with a Danger Evasion roll against a target number of 15.
    Entangle The creature has tentacles or other appendages it may use to entangle its victims. This ability may also reflect the power to create spider-like webs. An entangle attack counts as one of the creature’s normal attacks and is treated as a missile attack with a maximum range equal to 5’ for Small creatures, 10’ for Medium ones, 20’ for Large ones and 30’ for Gigantic ones.
    Fearsome The sight of the creature causes fear in the hearts of most NPCs and lesser creatures. Player characters and NPCs with levels are unaffected. This ability also adds +2 to Initiative and Defense Class.
    Gallop Only quadrupeds (and creatures with more than four legs) may have this special ability. When a creature with this special ability uses the full movement option, its movement is not doubled (as per the usual rules) but quadrupled.
    Insubstantial The creature is an ethereal being, with no physical body. It cannot be harmed by standard physical means but is vulnerable to magic. Conversely, insubstantial beings cannot affect corporeal beings in a physical way and have to rely on supernatural attacks to harm their opponents.
    Tough Skin This ability adds +2 to the creature’s Defense Class.
    Natural Armor This upgraded version of Tough Skin (see below) gives +4 to Defense Class.
    Invulnerability This is an improved, supernatural form of Natural Armor (see below) which gives +8 to Defense Class.
    Life Energy Drain Creatures with this special ability may drain the life energy of their victims with their bite or touch. A creature with this special ability can only use it once per round, during the melee phase of the round, according to its Initiative score. Bite attacks are resolved as normal melee attacks. Their damage is equal to the creature’s usual damage plus 1d6 Hits for the Life Energy Drain.
    Lightning Fast This special ability gives a +4 bonus to Initiative and Evasion and increases the creature’s basic Movement allowance by one-third.
    Magic Resistance This ability gives +4 to Mystic Fortitude.
    Mindless Creatures with this ability have no consciousness or soul of their own. This makes them immune to the effects of fear, pain and all mind or emotion-based magic, which includes all Sorcery and Poetic Magic powers, as well as some Nature’s Gifts.
    Missile Weapons Creatures with this ability are able to use missile weapons (javelins, bows, slings etc) with a Missile mod equal to the sum of its Ferocity and Cunning, with an extra +2 if it has the Marksmanship ability. A creature’s missile weapons are matched to the user’s size: their damage is equal to the creature’s normal weapon damage and their range is modified as follows: Tiny 1/6, Small 1/2, Large x1.5, Gigantic x3. For javelins, assume a basic range of 120 feet.
    Marksmanship See Missile Weapons below.
    Multiple Heads (number of heads, except the first) Each head beyond the first adds one opponent to the creature’s maximum number of opponents it can attack during the same round. Each extra head adds +1 to its Initiative and its Detection modifier.
    Petrification The creature’s gaze can turn its victims to stone.
    Poison The creature has a vicious poisonous sting or pair of fangs coated with a venom that either kills the victim or causes paralysis (depending on the creature).
    Psychic Powers The creature has mental powers similar to Sorcery spells (see Players Manual). It can use the full repertoire of Sorcery powers with a Psychic Gift equal to the sum of its Cunning and its Mystique. The being’s Mystic Strength is equal to (12 + its Psychic Gift) and its Power points total is equal to 4 times its Psychic Gift bonus.
    Regeneration At the end of each round, the creature automatically regains a number of Hits which varies according to its Size: Medium = 1, Large = 2, Gigantic = 3. This power cannot bring the creature’s current Hits Total above its starting maximum and ceases to function when the creature’s Hits are reduced to zero. Tiny and Small creatures cannot have this ability.
    Sharp Senses This ability gives +4 bonus to Detection rolls.
    Sixth Sense This ability gives +4 to Detection and +2 to Evasion.
    Supernatural Vigor This ability increases the creature’s Hits Total by a number equal to its Hit Factor. It also makes the creature completely immune to all natural poisons.
    Trample Only creatures that are able to Charge into Battle may have this ability. It cannot be used against opponents with a bigger Size. Thus, Medium beings cannot Trample Large or Gigantic victims. No more than one victim may be Trampled in a single round. After a successful Charge attack, the creature may Trample its victim. This does not count as an attack and requires no roll. The victim suffers an extra damage roll based on the creature’s Size (1d6 if Medium, 2d6 if Large, 3d6 if Gigantic), unless he makes a Danger Evasion roll (target number 15).
    Uncanny Agility This special ability adds +1 to Melee and +2 to Initiative, Evasion and Defense Class. It cannot be possessed by Gigantic creatures.
    Vocal Entrancement This supernatural power allows the creature to charm its victims with its entrancing voice. It has a potency score equal to the sum of the creature’s Cunning and Mystique mods. It takes an entire round to use and may affect all living, conscious beings within (potency x 20’) of the creature.
    Wallcrawling The creature can walk or crawl on walls (or other vertical surfaces) at its normal Movement rate, without having to make climbing rolls.
    Extra Arms (number of hands, except the first) Each pair of extra arms gives the creature an extra melee attack per battle round. Thus, a creature with four arms will have two melee attacks per battle round against opponents with the same Size category. These two attacks may be made against different opponents or against the same one (make two simultaneous melee attack rolls and, if necessary, two damage rolls).
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